Chih-Cheng (Peter) Chang

B.S., Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University (2013)


My current research focuses on the interfacial rheology of water-crude oil interface and the dynamic of the water-in-oil emulsion.The motivation of research is because water often exists in crude oil and must be removed to enhance the quality of the oil. The study of interfacial rheology and emulsion can help the industry understanding the formation of emulsion and strategy to remove them.

I have four main techniques to facilitate my research. The first one is the technique in the clean room like coating and etching, which helps me to build the amphiphilic probe to study the interfacial rheology. The second technique is using the laser cutting, 3D printing, and UV glue to build the special device for interfacial rheology and the microfluidic device. The third technique is building the equipment to get the interfacial visualization. For example, I once build a home-made microscope in a commercial instrument, which allows me to get more information besides the standard measurement. Besides building the equipment, I am also capable do the Labview coding the facilitate the automatic control and measurement. The fourth technique is the image processing like particle tracking and math calculation using Matlab, which allows me to get the physical and chemical information of the visualization.

In addition to the current research, I also know how to synthesize fluorescent material using microemulsion, sol-gel, and hydrothermal method during my undergraduate program. The study of fluorescent material needs the understanding of XRD, SEM, TEM and fluorescence spectroscopy. I have published two papers and applied for one patent for designing special afterglow fluorescent material.